Is social media speech review correct?—— Has the Internet achieved freedom of speech(A3 draft)

Through the “three I’s” of Ideas, Interests, and Institutions, the discussion analyzes whether freedom of speech has been realized on the Internet.

In this paper, we will analyze whether the Internet media’s control of freedom of speech is reasonable. The paper will analyze whether the Internet has realized the freedom of speech by analyzing whether the Internet censorship of the freedom of speech is correct or not. Does the media need to further strengthen the control of freedom of speech. My point of view is to argue that people’s need for freedom of speech is already considered to be fulfilled on the contemporary Internet. At the same time I will introduce some dissenting voices. points to discuss and justify the need for the government to invest more effort in content censorship on social media platforms. First of all, it is true that the content censorship system is not perfect. This paper argues that freedom of speech has already been realized. And that social media is very reasonable and correct in controlling speech. There is no question of being too strict. Because everyone living in the world is very difficult and will experience a lot of things. The Internet is limited to a person’s display. Therefore, it is easy to cause network violence or bad comments. Nowadays, it is easy to have all kinds of criticisms under any video, photo or even post on the internet. This causes a lot of psychological pressure on people. It is vital to create a friendly online world. You can go and discuss with your family if it is too negative. Some may say that Shake Shack’s control methods are too strict. But she does protect the interests of minorities as well as sexist comments making many offensive comments go unheard.