Revolution of Meituan: not just Food delivery APP

With the popularity of online payment, the convenience of online shopping allows people to spend without going out. Meituan is famous for online food delivery and group buying. With the continuous development of e-commerce, Meituan […]


Critical internet ecology analysis: Twitter

Introduction Internet has created many opportunities for companies to reach out to customers and also an avenue for customers to interact and sharing information with each other’s. These internet companies are innovative in ways in […]

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Assignment 2

ByteDance-born for the mobile Internet

                        Intro WASHINGTON-The Trump administration said on Friday that it would ban China’s mobile app WeChat. (Seekers,2019)TikTok’s US App Store shocked the Internet world […]


Wherever You Are, Wherever You Go – UBER It

Introduction Uber has emerged as a market leader in the transportation industry since 2009. They have changed the way consumers catch rides through its easy to use technology platform where consumers can request a ride […]

"Google Main Search" by MoneyBlogNewz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Assignment 3

Critical internet analysis of Google Search

Introduction Among all internet services, platforms, companies, the search engine is the most common tool people use when they are surfing the net (Li, 2015). This essay will critically analyze the dominant search engine in […]


Twitter, a window to world.

  Twitter, a window to the world. Twitter app Image: PhotoMIX, Pixabay,Some rights reserved   By Anita Zhu As a web2.0 website, Twitter plays a vital role in mobilizing social change and transforming the way […]

Assignment 3

Stranger Danger? The Emergence and Dominance of Dating Application, Tinder

Feature Image: Online Dating. Time Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Source: Location-based, mobile services such as Tinder and Uber Eats have normalised interactions with strangers as an essential and unavoidable component of everyday life. However, the real ‘stranger […]