Google search engine
Assignment 3

How has Google successfully shaped our lives?

Introduction Google, as the most popular search engine worldwide, plays a leading role in the online search market (Halavais, 2013). Google is a very convenient tool for people to search, entertain, and learn new things. […]

Assignment 3

No chill? The Transformative Netflix Effect

This critical web article explores the transformative impact of Netflix, analysing its role in redefining global media and television through its proliferation of media content distribution on the internet. When evaluating Netflix’s transformative effects, political, […]

assignment 3

In China, WeChat has not only changed people’s communication habits, but brought huge social transformations.

Let’s chat——WeChat   WeChat is an instant messaging platform with the largest number of Chinese users in the world. In modern China, WeChat has replaced traditional messages and phone calls and become the most commonly […]