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assignment 3

Instagram: A focus on the visual

Instagram: A focus on the visual Instagram has changed the world in a social, political and economic sense. The platform transformed the written-based internet into a space of visual communication. The immense transition of focus […]

Bike sharing company, Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike newsweek ags , Flickr, All rights reserved     By Ziwei Huang     Mobike has emerged as a social innovation which facilitates the pioneered free-floating bike sharing system of […]

Assignment 3

Uber Leads Our New Concept of Life

With the development of the Internet, the sharing economy has gradually appeared in people’s daily lives. Based on the fact that Uber is a ride-sharing platform, this article will focus on Uber’s business model and […]

Assignment 3

Stop taking a taxi and go for an Uber

Introduction With the growing demand for sustainability, the sharing economy is seen as an essential element of innovation (Strømmen-Bakhtiar & Vinogradov, 2020). And Innovation comes from new technologies, new business models and new Internet Ecology. […]

Assignment 3

Uberisation: For better or for worse?

Uber is a ride-sharing service that has significantly changed the way we use transportation and our private cars. The company has managed to re-intermediate the taxi sector by utilising data and technology to offer better […]


What’s Happening, Twitter?

Twitter is a San Francisco, California-based microblogging service where an individual can read and post short messages which are known as “tweets”. Twitter is a social media platform that allows its users to stay interconnected […]