Assignment 3

Hey, can I have you WeChat number?

With the increasing need for socialising, the number of instant messaging software, represented by WhatsApp, Snapchat and WeChat, have proliferated during these years. Without a doubt, the most popular social networking software must be WeChat in China, not only for daily […]


WeChat: The Everything Platform

In the era of mobile Internet, it is necessary to “choose the right innovation at the right time” to make a success (Zhu, 2018, p.33). As a brand-new mobile social network platform, WeChat has not […]

WeChat cupcake
Assignment 3

WeChat: a new lifestyle

Introduction With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people are using social applications such as WeChat. The emergence and gradual popularization of WeChat has greatly changed people’s lifestyle and social mode. This essay will […]

iOS / iPhone
assignment 3

Has The Rise Of The WeChat Era Changed Society?

Introduction With the advancement of science and technology, WeChat has changed from a primitive social communication tool to a lifestyle that promotes digital sharing and consumption on a global scale. The widespread application of the […]

assignment 3

In China, WeChat has not only changed people’s communication habits, but brought huge social transformations.

Let’s chat——WeChat   WeChat is an instant messaging platform with the largest number of Chinese users in the world. In modern China, WeChat has replaced traditional messages and phone calls and become the most commonly […]