Free Speech Clash: Trump’s Facebook Suspension Review Raises Global Debate

In 2020, Facebook created what it refers to as a “Independent Oversight Board,” which has the power to examine Facebook’s choices and offer suggestions.

  • After making many posts regarding the uprising at the US Capitol, Mr. Trump’s social media accounts were stopped on January 6. Facebook has never before taken this action against a serving president, prime minister, or other head of state over their posts.
  • The independent oversight board made a choice in May. They consider Facebook’s ban to be reasonable in comparison to Trump’s ban, but they have issues with the restriction’s indefinite nature. The committee suggested a more precise time frame for the prohibition and asked Facebook to revisit the decision within six months.
  • Trump voiced his displeasure with the independent oversight committee’s choice. He said that the ruling violated his right to free speech and that he had been treated unfairly.


  • What Facebook, Twitter, and Google did, according to Trump, is a terrible shame and a source of national embarrassment. These dishonest social media platforms must bear a political cost and must never again be permitted to skew and sabotage our election outcomes.

  • According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “the risks of allowing the President to continue using our services during this time are simply too great.”
  • In a statement, the independent monitoring panel blasted Facebook’s choice. While the committee acknowledged that they thought it was permissible to keep the ban in place when there was a genuine threat of violence, they did not think Facebook’s “indefinite” ban was appropriate. They criticised Facebook’s strategy, contending that it was attempting to escape accountability by enforcing vague and non-specific penalties before referring the matter to an impartial monitoring panel.
  • On a conference call with media, Michael McConnell, co-chair of the oversight board, declared that “this indefinite penalty fails the international sniff test.”


Editors: Changluo Guo,Yuan Ding,Xingyu Bao,Kangwei Lu

Date: 16/08/2023

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