The Commercialisation of the Internet

Group members: Ximan YAN/Yuetong TIAN/Daphne Ye/Yichen Yao

What is the commercialisation of the Internet?

Commercialisation is a process that can be used to sell a service or product. With the development of the Internet, businesses must interact in different networks. At the same time, Internet technology and social media provide many opportunities for the private life of individuals and the business activities of organizations.

#1 Amazon
Founded in 1994, Amazon is an online bookstore and provides web statistics for Amazon Web Services. Amazon launched the Elastic Compute Cloud to allow users to store and manage their data on the Internet. Besides, Amazon acquired Kiva Systems to automate its inventory management network business.

#2 Internet Kol and monetising social media

The development of social media platforms leads to the rising of influencers and Kol. Those who have gained popularity on the internet or celebrities who have account on the social media are tend to make use of their influence. For example, influencers could take advantage of their popularity and make advertisement for their collaborated brands or even set a brand themselves, such as the clothing brand SKIMs founded by Kim kardashian, which was valued at over $4 billion in 2023. The commmercial value of the internet is more than powerful.

#3 Online takeaway platform-Uber eats

UberEats have commercialized online food delivery, making it easy for consumers to order food from local restaurants through mobile apps.
Uber Eats’ business model combines a multi-party platform, an aggregator and an on-demand business model. As mentioned earlier, it involves three parties: the end customer, the delivery partner, and the restaurant partner. The restaurant lists the menu on the app, the local customer views the menu and places the order, and the Uber driver/rider picks up the order from the restaurant and hands it to the customer.

The commercialization of the Internet has brought convenience to people’s lives. All people need is one piece of food they want to eat to have it delivered to their doorstep.

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