Copyright or Monopolization?

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Copyright is a legal protection granted to the creators of original works, such as literature, music, art, and software, to control the use and distribution of their creations. However, it also promote monopolization.


Monopolization, or monopoly, relates to the concentration of market power in the hands of a single company or a small group of companies within a specific industry. Monopolization can have negative consequences for competition and consumers. Key points regarding monopolization include:

  • Market Power: A monopoly occurs when a single company dominates a particular market or industry to the extent that it has significant control over prices, production, and access to goods or services.
  • Barriers to Entry: Monopolies often emerge or persist due to significant barriers to entry, such as high startup costs, exclusive access to resources, or strong brand recognition.
  • Anti-Competitive Practices: Monopolies may engage in anti-competitive practices to maintain their dominance, such as predatory pricing, vertical integration, or collusion with other companies.

With globalization and the rapid evolution of internet, the channels of music communication have become diversified. The communication speed of online music has become faster, and the music-related information is enriched on the internet. However, these positive effects on music communication also increase the complexity of music copyright issues. In face of the great challenges on music copyright issues, this paper takes the online original music works trading platform, namely music trading network as the research object, and uses some mathematical methods, such as statistical theory, power function law and long tail theory, to discuss the copyright protection of the music trading network. Our motivation is to find a way to protect the copyright of original music product so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of musicians, as well as to help find a way to create a healthy original music ecosystem.

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