field dominance – the brogrammer is still happening

Statistics proved that only 1.4% women in the field of ICT in 2020.

It is not a strange word to many that the field of internet is male-dominated. There is historical reason behind – where Silicon valley was firstly developed as military centre, and that was white young male dominated.

There is an increasing focus on promoting equal rights in workplaces and securing fair pay under the law worldwide. However, in the fields of computer science and engineering, Silicon Valley remains predominantly populated by male graduates. Female workers hard to get into the field, receive hard positions and even might face discrimination and harassment.

Aileen Lee, a founder of the venture-capital firm Cowboy Ventures, witnessed behaviour that ranged from biased to illegal, and had faced racism, sexism, and harassment.

“Like most women, I’ve experienced things across the spectrum,” she said. “I’ve had a general partner at another firm—who had earlier in the day talked to me about how much I’d like his wife and how she was a smart working woman and how we should all have dinner together with their kids—call me at three in the morning while we were on a business trip and ask if he could come to my room.

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