Platform Governance on Tiktok

Ranus Ho & Eisha Chanan

TikTok App
TikTok App” by ajay_suresh is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Tiktok is popular social media platform used by many across the world. While it is fun to use, there are many dangers online that require platform governance to prevent cyber dangers and allow for a safe online environment.

Tiktok’s Community Guidelines

Tiktok has a set of community guidelines in place for its users to follow:

  1. Remove violative content from the platform that breaks our rules
  2. Age-restrict mature content so it is only viewed by adults (18 years and older)
  3. Maintain For You feed (FYF) eligibility standards to help ensure any content that may be promoted by our recommendation system is appropriate for a broad audience
  4. Empower our community with information, tools, and resources

These guidelines are in use on the platform, however, some users may overlook these guidelines, hence the use of platform governance is required amongst the Tiktok community to moderate and regulate content.

Real World Examples

  1. Tiktok cyberbullying – platform governance required to combat this ongoing issue
  2. Influencer backlash – platform governance tools, e.g. muting/restricting comments
  3. Awareness of racism – platform governance, ‘cancel culture’
婺源篁岭; Young people recording Tiktok video.
婺源篁岭; Young people recording Tiktok video.” by Thomas_Yung is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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