Plan for A3 – Yixuan Zhang

The feedback of A1 that I got from my friends:

The structure of this assignment needs to be corrected. Her repeated explanations of the information economy with each paragraph. The logic can be messy. Make an outline before write.It is very necessary.

Improvement for Last assignment:

  • when I start to write my essay, I will make a outline for it.
  • Rethink the thoughts that I express in each paragraph, which avoid repeating them.
  • When I confirm my plan, I will email it to my tutor to help me make sure whether I an on the right track.
  • Before start it, read more resources about my topic, including acedemic resources, TedTalk vedio, YouTube vedio, News, Blog…

Key Points in this plan:

  • Outline of essay
  • Clear arguement
  • Clear supported points
  • Ask for help