A3 action plan(Yanx)

Suggestions from my A1.

The analysis part is not detailed enough, the description of a topic is not specific enough, and the theory used is not relevant to the main argument.


I plan to study the BAT monopoly on internet area as the case of my whole essay.

In my research, I plan to investigate the interests involved in the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) in this field and whether the government has imposed any restrictions on their monopolistic position. Technology companies like BAT invest heavily in lobbying to influence legislative and regulatory decisions. However, there are concerns about whether this lobbying serves the interests of the people. Lobbying by tech companies has led to market dominance and limited consumer choice. The European Union is trying to address this issue by creating new rules to promote competition and stricter content moderation for social media platforms and digital marketplaces. It is important for the public to recognize that corporations should focus on economic manipulation rather than restricting civil rights.