Peer Review of A1

Ideas and Imaginaries about the Internet

Feedback from others: This part of the text provides an insightful perspective on the development of AI communication tools and the challenges they face. However, it doesn’t dive into specific details or examples of these challenges or potential solutions. Providing more specific examples and data on the limitations and improvements of AI communication tools would make this section more informative.

The #MeToo Movement in Taiwan:

Feedback from others: This section provides a clear and informative summary of the #MeToo movement’s origins in Taiwan and its reliance on social media. However, it could benefit from including more statistics or examples to back up the claims made regarding the movement’s impact and the gender dynamics in online political participation.

Digital Platforms and the Sharing Economy:

Feedback from others: It offers valuable insights into this significant topic but could be improved by incorporating more specific examples and in-depth analysis to make it more convincing. Additionally, citing academic studies is a good practice for substantiating claims, but some direct quotes or excerpts from these studies could enhance the text’s credibility.