Peer Review of A1 (Improvements for A3)

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Feedback for Assignment 1 (A1):

  • Rather than providing generic statements, always be particular (get to the key points)
  • If you use quotes or sentences from a reading, remember to always in-text reference them
  • Instead of using a broad phrase, clarify terms related to what you’re attempting to communicate (e.g., “social production” – but in what context?)
  • Include your stance/viewpoint on the topic or issue!

Things to improve on:

  • Making confident stances on my opinions/arguments on the issues
  • Having extra time to check and revise my essay before submitting it – in order to eliminate minor problems such as citations
  • Begin to express my opinions or arguments in the first person tone of voice

For the A3 Assignment, I would like to..

  • Plan out my essay ahead of time (e.g. two weeks before!) to ensure that the structure, research, and all other aspects are properly organised and ordered
  • By organising my essay, I can have a better knowledge of the topic I want to write, resulting in a smoother, well-structured, and easy-to-read flow for my readers.
  • Use first person voice in my introduction and conclusion to state my opinion
  • Have a MAIN argument in your essay!!