Feedback for JInghong Wang (A1)

Feedback week 2

The article addresses an important and timely topic – the impact of bias and stereotypes in technology and its consequences for marginalized groups. It cites relevant and reputable sources, such as Noble (2018), Hardey (2020), and Buolamwini (2018), to support its arguments, adding credibility to the discussion. The examples provided (e.g., Google search results, Snapchat filters, facial recognition technology) are concrete and illustrate the real-world implications of bias in technology effectively. It highlights how technology can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and biases, making it relatable to a broad audience. The article is well-structured and logically organized, making it easy for readers to follow the argument.

Feedback week 3

The article is well-structured, with clear transitions between ideas, making it easy for readers to follow the argument. The article could benefit from more context or background information on the topics discussed, especially for readers who may not be familiar with the concepts of networked information economies or the industrial information age. While it mentions the impact of the Internet on information dissemination, it could delve deeper into the societal and cultural implications of these changes. The article lacks a clear conclusion or a call to action. It could provide insights into what these transformations mean for society or suggest future developments in the fieldIt relies on a limited number of sources, which may limit the breadth of perspectives presented. Some sentences are lengthy and could be broken down for better readability.