To what extent has a lack of diversity influenced the development of the internet? How does this lack of diversity harm societies and individuals?

“Internet Access Here Sign” by Steve Rhode is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 . Introduction When scientists in the early stage created the internet, it was regarded as an open-mind and participatory community for everyone. […]

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Who is responsible for negative, hateful, offensive speech on social media? Are the existing solutions good enough?

Presence of inappropriate content on the Internet Ever since the introduction of social media and digital platforms, negative content has inevitably emerged in front of the public’s eyes. Digital platforms advertise themselves as free speech, […]

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Facebook Ban Upheld against President Trump

Former US president Donald Trump has lashed out at Facebook after the social media company’s independent oversight board upheld a decision to ban him from the platform for the moment. However, the board also said […]