Former President Trump Lambastes Facebook: A Call for Consequences

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has criticized Facebook after the platform’s independent oversight board backed his ban on the site. The board, while supporting the suspension, also said Facebook needs to review the indefinite ban in six months. The board criticized Facebook’s decision-making process, saying that while the ongoing risk of violence justified the suspension, an indefinite penalty was inappropriate. “Facebook’s Trump Ban: Upheld, Reassessed, and the Complexities of Content Moderation”

The board accused Facebook of shirking its responsibility by imposing vague and unstandardized penalties and then referring the case to the board. Trump responded to the board’s decision by accusing the social media company of violating his right to free speech and calling them to account for the political fallout. facebook said they would consider the board’s recommendations and revisit the ban. In January, Trump’s social media accounts were suspended over posts he made before the riots at the U.S. Capitol.

It was the first time Facebook had blocked a sitting president, prime minister or head of state.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended the suspension by saying it was too risky to allow Trump to use the platform in the meantime.

The case was referred to an independent oversight board of academics, lawyers and rights advocates for a final decision on whether to uphold or overturn the ban. The binding ruling is an important decision for the board, which was set up as an independent body to address criticism about Facebook’s handling of problematic content.