Assignment 2

Content Moderation Across Platforms: Double standards, Trump and Governance

Content Moderation across Social Media Platforms: Double standards, Donald Trump and Governance By Charlotte Robertson – Tutorial #5 “Exploring Governance Structures on Social Media Platforms” by POLISEA is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 What is Content Moderation? Content Moderation […]

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A Trans Internet

Numerous transgender historians, namely Eve Shapiro of “Gender Circuits” (2010) notoriety, have discussed the global impact of the internet on transgender culture. The apparent irony that a technology created primarily by cisgendered, male scientists would […]

Assignment 2

Structural Inequalities Within the Internet

The existence of unequal rights and opportunities amongst individuals creates a divide in status, which constructs the notion of structural inequalities (United Nations ESCWA, 2021). These disparities occurring in fields of education, healthcare, wealth and […]

Assignment 2

The dilemma of content moderation on digital platforms

The moderation of the content of Internet communications is the most contentious issue arising from the regulation of the Internet in countries around the world. These controversies focus mainly on the conflict between freedom of […]