Uber: Can’t wait to get a ride? Try us !

In the context of the prevalence of the Internet, capitalists have begun to have a broader stage to change the world, thereby changing all aspects of people’s lives. Uber Technology, Inc is such a transformative […]

Assignment 3

Stop taking a taxi and go for an Uber

Introduction With the growing demand for sustainability, the sharing economy is seen as an essential element of innovation (Strømmen-Bakhtiar & Vinogradov, 2020). And Innovation comes from new technologies, new business models and new Internet Ecology. […]

Assignment 3

Uber – an Innovation, a Lifestyle

Introduction Uber, as an emerging technology company born in Silicon Valley, has aggressively transformed the traditional transportation industry through its novel technical operation. By being a representative figure in the sharing economy industry, Uber’s success […]


Welcome Aboard the Twittersphere

Twitter is a social media platform designed for microblogging, allowing users to share ‘tweets’, ‘hashtags’ and create online communities. Given the unique features that enable microblogging, the Twitter platform plays a crucial role for contemporary […]

Assignment 3

The Evolution of Facebook

Who is Facebook? The first section of this essay will discuss Facebook’s evolution, by analysing its historical context, and innovative development processes. Following this, I will examine Facebook’s success and domination within the social media […]

WeChat cupcake
Assignment 3

WeChat: a new lifestyle

Introduction With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people are using social applications such as WeChat. The emergence and gradual popularization of WeChat has greatly changed people’s lifestyle and social mode. This essay will […]

Assignment 2

Hey Google, Can You Tell Me The Truth?

Introduction A search engine is an information retrieval system that allows for keyword searches of distributed digital text (Havalais, 2013). It allows people to seek a wealth of information in seconds. Using several keywords, people […]