“Snowden” by AK Rockefeller is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Assignment 2

How the PRISM Program and Its Whistleblower reflect the Past, Present and Future of the Internet – A Film Review of Snowden (2016)

Author: Anqi (Angela) LI | Sid: 500008469 | Class: RE02 | Tutor: Yuan JIANG   8 years have past, since Edward Snowden blow the whistle on the government of the United States as well as […]

Black Mirror opening sequence text
Group 11

Black Mirror: Navigating between virtual and real

From the first serialized season to the fifth, Black Mirror series has been released for ten years, which tells a lot about the internet and technology affect people’s social life, privacy, trust, snooping, and so […]


TV Shows review: How “Black Mirror” exposes the dark side of current technology and media by depicting the future?

SID: 500006797   |  Name: Zhou yipeng (Elsa)  | CLASS:08   |   TUTOR: Dr. Ayesha Hasan Introduction “Black Mirror” is a science fiction miniseries that was created by Charlie Brooker and launched in 2011 and has been […]

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The State of Racism in the Internet World: Increasing or Softening?

In the early days of ICT4D(Information and Communications Technologies for Development), people trusted that ICTs(Information and communication technologies) would naturally help reduce the growth of structural inequalities. They thought that since ICTs give access to […]

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A Trans Internet

Numerous transgender historians, namely Eve Shapiro of “Gender Circuits” (2010) notoriety, have discussed the global impact of the internet on transgender culture. The apparent irony that a technology created primarily by cisgendered, male scientists would […]

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Platform Business is The New Business?

When did the business commence, what are its primary fields of operation, and has it been successful? Platforms Business are not new; we interact with them almost every day. One will imagine big buildings to […]


Let’s enjoy licensed and free music on Spotify!

Introduction Spotify, a Swedish-based audio streaming and media services provider, has revolutionized the music business and transformed the music industry by legally offering free, licensed music (Sun,2019). Unlike many illegal P2P file-sharing hosts/networks, Spotify based […]


WeChat: The Everything Platform

In the era of mobile Internet, it is necessary to “choose the right innovation at the right time” to make a success (Zhu, 2018, p.33). As a brand-new mobile social network platform, WeChat has not […]