Freedom of Speech:Our Fundamental Rights

By Stella Tang, carol Li

Modern society recognise the right to freedom of speech as a basic human right. But why is the right to free speech so crucial? How can we be sure that the exercise of other rights does not compromise this one?

#MeToo movement

The situation in today’s social media has changed, and the growth of the internet has led to the defence of human rights and freedoms. This has led to the creation of social change movements, and the #Me Too movement has been created as a demonstration of a group voice. Individual stories are told in the voices of individuals, with a focus on sexual harassment and assault.

Why is there a serious information blockage in China?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of every citizen, and in some countries around the globe software is restricted and the flow of information to people is blocked. For example, in China it is not possible to see the commonly used software, Facebook, insgram, Twitter, which restricts the right to freedom of expression.

The intersection of speech itself and national security: a case study of the US ban on TikTok.

With the rapid development of the digital age of information, social media has succeeded as a necessity in people’s lives. Social platform’s have become our tools for communication and sharing. But in 2020, tiktok happened a serious challenge. U.S. Republican Senator Josh Hawley enacted a measure. The measure is to ban the use of TikTok on federally issued devices.
Two different voices emerged after this measure appeared. The U.S. government sees TikTok as an infringement on U.S. information security and a breach of personal privacy. And from the perspective of freedom of speech, this ban actually restricts freedom of speech as it denies people the right to use these platforms for free expression and communication.