The Crisis of Copyright

Jingwen Yue, Zidan Wei, Nan Cui

With the advancement of digital technology, the ease of copying and redistributing content is low, which has led to piracy being everywhere in our society nowadays. It is easy to make pirated copies, even at zero cost to make them. Copyright issues are being violated. Intellectual property is becoming more and more valued for businesses and governments these days.

Copyright” by Saad.Akhtar is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Copyright issues are historical.

The World Wide Web was originally created out of a desire to share information among scholars, so this makes the issue of copyright a historical legacy in the modern Internet.

Current challenges to copyright

Canada Copyright Board: Challenges & Opportunities #copycon2015 panel” by giulia.forsythe is marked with CC0 1.0.

The cost of copying other people’s original content is almost zero, which makes piracy rampant. In the media era, the problem of copyright infringement is serious, and the nation generally lacks copyright awareness.

For one thing, the number of infringers is so large that it is difficult to take the many infringements further under the notion that the law is not accountable. The cost of copying others’ original content is almost zero, which makes piracy rampant.

Secondly, the infringing content is uploaded to different websites and disseminated with the help of different communication technologies, and the public can easily obtain all kinds of information from the Internet, which leads to a diluted awareness of copyright protection. Users have a mind of their own from the point of view of organizations and companies many platforms like Google, YouTube etc. are promoting or tacitly approving copyright infringement. Many platforms do not care about copyright, but rather traffic.

Thirdly, in the new media environment, the performance of copyright infringement problem is different from traditional media, traditional media mainly include TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, etc., while the copyright subject of new media can be a video or a picture, and the number is huge, which is not clearly defined by the law, so the problem of arbitrary copying and dissemination of new media works is more serious than that of traditional media.

Copyright issues are now struggling to be taken seriously

In this digital culture era, relevant laws for protecting Intellectual property are already globalized. For Instance, there are also some institutions and organizations for intellectual property, Wipo is one of the organizations for world intellectual property. Additionally, for the relevant laws, RIPS is protecting interest-relevant copyrights. These kinds of methods present the importance of copyright protection.

Old media and New media were previously at odds with each other.

old media and new media are different in terms of copyright issues. old media relies on fixed user groups through mass media, such as newspapers and books, and copyright belongs to organizations or governments, etc. On new media, individual users produce more content, and the platform hosts content from creators. And copyright matters belong to the individual.