A2 Action Plan

How media lobbying is helping major tech companies monopolise media power and affect democracy (specifically how Facebook/fox news influenced the US presidential elections)

Readings to use

  1. The Tech Lobby: Tracing the Contours of New Media Elite Lobbying Power — WEEK 3 Reading (ACADEMIC)


Lobbying represents a key component of the relationship between corporations and the neoliberal state, on which media elites rely to push their agenda. Consequently, it has significant implications for the formulation of media laws and policies, increasing the sector’s power and “tipping the scale in favor of industry-friendly legislation”

Lobbying involves pressuring public officials to support laws and policies that benefit lobbyists’ clients

The way the media works in the U.S. is influenced by rules that allow companies to have a lot of control. This leads to the media and the government sharing similar ideas, which we call “corporate libertarianism.” This idea comes from a political belief called neoliberalism, which thinks companies should have lots of freedom with little government control. This system helps big media companies become even more powerful, which can be bad for the public and democracy overall.

2. Facebook, the media and democracy : big tech, small state? – Andrews, Leighton (ACADEMIC)

3. Washington Post – All the ways trump campaign’s was aided by FacebookREAL WORLD EXAMPLE

4. CNBC – Facebook Spent More on Lobbying

5. The Guardian – Google and Facebook using lobbyists

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