Benefiting from Diversity: The Positive Effects of the Internet


In today’s society, the internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. The emergence of the internet has had a huge impact on society or individuals. Its importance is reflected in various aspects, including social, economic, cultural or personal aspects. Why can people achieve success through the Internet? This will be what this article will explore – the positive effects that the diversity of the Internet has brought to people. This article will discuss two aspects: the diversity of internet content enables people to build relationships, and the diversity of the internet can also promote people’s innovation. Some studies show that the diversity of the internet can also cause some online harm or social inequality. This article will introduce some literature for analysis.

Internet connectivity

The diversity of the internet is reflected in different aspects. For the internet, it is one of the main ways to obtain various information and knowledge. People can obtain information and content through search engines or some social media. The Internet provides users with a huge information resource, which contains content in almost all fields, including news, papers related to academic research, disease-related content, and some entertainment content. Users can search and access according to their needs. Communities on the Internet can also promote discussions among users on different types of content, and users can express their opinions on different platforms.

The emergence of the Internet has made it more convenient to read news, from the initial paper printing to electronic news, which has a positive impact on people. Electronic news can be viewed anytime and anywhere, and it will not be affected by printing time. People can watch electronic news immediately after it is released. In Abbate, Janet’s article mentions the connectivity of the Internet, explaining how the Internet connects people. (Abbate, 2017) The connectivity of the Internet shows that users can learn about news or other content from different regions and countries through the Internet. On the Internet, users can directly search for the news they want to read. For example, users in Australia can directly search for news from other countries. The content of these news will be displayed on the Internet and is not affected by geographical location. Limitation, this kind of electronic news can allow people to fully understand the global culture or entertainment trends and promote the development between countries.

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The impact of Internet innovation on businesses and the public

The diversity of the internet has promoted the birth of various innovations, and the development of the internet has given people a platform to express their opinions and creativity. After the popularity of the Internet, it plays a vital role in the development of individuals or business models. For individual users, the internet has become a platform for individual users to express their opinions. Users can share what is happening in their lives through different social software. For example, Nintendo is a Japanese game company. Its switch game console is deeply loved by the public. For some console games, it is more convenient for users. Switch can be played on the TV and can also be carried when going out to play, which is very convenient for the user group. Due to the development of the internet, people have very high requirements for the experience of using games, which prompts game companies to continuously create new games or more prominent functions to attract more consumers. Generally speaking, games that can attract consumers usually need to make players more immersed. These needs are also due to the impact of the development of the internet on businesses.

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As mentioned in the article ‘The Culture of the Internet’, social media platforms allow people to fully express themselves and create new roles for themselves on the Internet. (Castells, 2002) For Nintendo users, players who become members can form new teams while playing. In the team, team members can communicate through smartphone applications and can form teams to play in the game. The innovations of these companies are all due to the increase in user demand in the market, which shows that the diversity of the Internet has a huge impact on both companies and individuals.

Network harm caused by Internet diversity

Although the diversity of the Internet has brought us benefits, the diversity of the Internet can also cause some online harm to people. Cyber hazards generally refer to the threats and harm caused by the Internet to individuals, organizations and society. The diversity of the Internet is often reflected on social media platforms, and everyone may be victimized by the Internet. There are various types of information on the Internet, some of which have been reviewed, but there are still some information that have escaped review through improper means, and they are usually false information. These false information have some negative impacts, including some misleading public statements, social and economic impacts, or some political impacts. In the article ‘All Platforms Moderate’, the author gives an example of the harm caused by network diversity. The author describes that the New York Times once published some pictures that were unacceptable to readers during the Vietnam War. (4)Some of them were disgusting, obscene or in low taste, but some readers could accept these pictures. published. This shows that people’s ability to accept information is different. Some readers think that these photos will affect the appearance of the city, but other people think that they reveal some unknown inside information and really make people realize that war has brought us great benefits. impact and understand the importance of peace.

The internet lacks diversity

Although the scope of the internet is very broad, there is still a lack of diversity. So what are the specific reasons for the lack of diversity? According to research findings, a lack of diversity mainly manifests itself in content limitations, algorithmic bias and social inequality. Regarding content limitations, some countries are very strict about online content publishing. For example, China does not allow the use of some foreign software, such as YouTube, Twitter and other similar social media. These software cannot be directly accessed in China and need to be operated using a foreign network. At the same time, the internet is a huge database, which contains countless data and content. In order to manage the Internet well, algorithms are usually used to personalize users’ information flow, that is, to only allow users to access the content they want to see. The data will be pushed directly to users. This algorithm causes users to only be exposed to information that is consistent with their views, but cannot see more diverse views.

Social inequality also contributes to the lack of diversity on the internet. For marginalized groups, such as some poorer countries or regions, they have poor economic capabilities and do not have enough property to pay fees. They cannot learn about the culture of other regions. At the same time, some people from big cities may not be able to understand the lives and culture of these marginalized groups, so people in these poor areas are likely to gradually disappear from the public eye. For people with disabilities, their physical limitations prevent them from understanding the world on the internet, such as visual or hearing impairments.


The content of the Internet is diverse. Its diversity usually refers to diverse content, rich platform types, covering different types of applications, and a wide range of user types, involving people from all over the world. These diversity can also usually be manifested in different cultures and languages, and user groups can export their own opinions and discuss with others. The internet can bring positive impacts to people, namely the connectivity of the internet and the impact of Internet innovation on the public and companies. This diverse internet also has some negative effects. Large user groups will cause people to be harmed by the internet. At the same time, the internet cannot take into account all types of users, and it also lacks diversity.


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