Action plan for future

First priority: Finish A2

Then once that’s done:

  • Collect a variety of suitable readings together before writing the bulk of my argument
  • Research and then establish my point of view from the information I engage with
  • Write each paragraph of my essay before incorporating evidence and examples
  • Pick specific quotes that support my argument and that come from a variety of sources
  • Have a full first draft written from which I can edit choice phrases and fix the flow of sentences
  • Compile the reference list at the end, but make sure to add each reference as I use it in the body of the essay
  • Begin approaching the task at least a week before it is due to ensure adequate time to absorb the materials

Feedback I got: Integration of case studies was smooth, though the depth of understanding could have been more refined. Avoid using too many filler words in my sentences, instead focusing on keeping them concise and relevant to the argument at all times.