Feedback by Hanxi Li

MingchenJiang Feedback

I think he wrote very well. There is a good reference at the beginning of each paragraph, and the explanation of this reference is very clear, which can make me instantly understand the meaning I want to express. 

The viewpoint of week 1 is very comprehensive, with ample examples, creative thinking, critical thinking, and clear logic. In the second week of work, the first sentence made me clear about the content of this paragraph. The explanatory viewpoint is also very clear, and the critical thinking viewpoint is clear. The wording is very accurate and the writing is excellent. Clear thinking, according to class requirements, the viewpoint written is from 2023, which is very in line with the requirements. The fourth week gave me a very complete impression, and the examples were very effective. His article gave me a very complete and detailed description, which is very similar to the grading table given by the teacher. Every detail is well written, which is something I really like.

Yu Han Feedback

I think the good thing about his homework is that every example is very good, his references are also very sufficient, and his explanations are also very thorough. I hope he pays attention to the fact that some of the words used in writing may have colloquial language, which may require further improvement. It would be better to switch to a more academic word.

His article has a very complete structure, with excellent explanations and strong viewpoints, which I greatly appreciate.