Why does every voice matter?

As civilization and the times progress, the composition of society becomes more and more complex, and the update of network technology allows the flow of information to become more and more rapid. In this context, […]

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The lack of diversity has led to the homogenisation of the Internet, but the damage caused is not only: Don’t let human communities be reduced to isolated islands!

The Current Situation of Internet Development and Existing Diversification Problems The advent of the web 2.0 era has opened the eyes of Internet participants to the possibilities created by the Internet, and as people increasingly […]


Bullying, harassment, violent content, hate, porn and other problematic content circulates on digital platforms. Who should be responsible for stoping the spread of this content and how?

Along with the development of Internet technology, the diversity of digital platforms has been previously enhanced. More and more digital platforms are penetrating more areas with the help of technology. According to the Australian Competition […]

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Internet problematic content is spreading faster and faster! Who is responsible for stopping it?

Preventive policies for traditional digital “platforms” In the concept of American information policy, “platform” as a term has not gained much attraction. At the beginning, “online intermediaries” was a better term to describe the concept of […]


The relationship between digital platforms and online bullying: the neutral space as a medium still needs the intervention of users and the government 

Introduction:  Social media can promote the spread of awareness, telecommunications, advertising, and social inclusion, and magnify social support and relationships (Jones et al., 2021b). However, despite the positive attributes of social media, platforms have proved […]