Assignment 3

Uber – an Innovation, a Lifestyle

Introduction Uber, as an emerging technology company born in Silicon Valley, has aggressively transformed the traditional transportation industry through its novel technical operation. By being a representative figure in the sharing economy industry, Uber’s success […]


Welcome Aboard the Twittersphere

Twitter is a social media platform designed for microblogging, allowing users to share ‘tweets’, ‘hashtags’ and create online communities. Given the unique features that enable microblogging, the Twitter platform plays a crucial role for contemporary […]

Uber Title

Selling Simplicity: How Uber Works

The introduction of companies like Uber allow for a complete change of societal attitude towards their services, due to the simplicity and internet utilisation within the companies. I will be doing a critical analysis of […]

The Uber App
Assignment 3


Through the transformation of the Internet, companies have changed the way individuals consume goods and services. This is evident through the on-demand ride-sharing application Uber Technology (Uber), whose ability to capitalise on the sharing economy, […]

Assignment 3

TikTok – New Social Opportunities

Introduction The Internet is changing all the time. Today, the online world is crucial to the way people live their lives. The most prominent and eye-catching of these in recent years must be ‘TikTok‘. It […]