sharing economy on Internet platforms

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what is sharing economy?

The sharing platform economy, often simply called the “sharing economy,” represents a transformative approach to traditional business models by enabling individuals to rent or borrow assets owned by someone else. Facilitated by digital platforms, this model is anchored in peer-to-peer exchanges, leveraging technology to connect individuals with underutilized assets or services directly with those who need them. Prominent examples include Airbnb, which allows homeowners to rent out their homes or rooms, and Uber, which connects drivers with riders. The sharing economy offers various benefits such as increased accessibility, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions, often bypassing traditional middlemen. However, it also raises challenges related to regulation, worker rights, and competition with established industries. As technology continues to evolve, the sharing platform economy is expected to grow, further influencing the dynamics of global commerce and reshaping consumer behavior.

home sharing–Airbnb

Airbnb, which is a global platform allows individuals to rent out their homes or rooms for short periods. It has become particularly popular in Australian cities and tourist destinations.


Didi Chuxing, often referred to as “China’s Uber,” Didi Chuxing is a major ride-hailing service in China. It’s one of the largest of its kind in the world and has expanded into other areas such as bike-sharing and food delivery.


Amazon is tapping into the sharing economy. The new program, Amazon Flex, lets drivers sign up for shifts through an Android-based app that alerts them when there are delivery opportunities in their area. Amazon will pay the drives as much as $25 an hour.

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