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Assignment 3

Uber: How to Change the World with Controversies

Uber has restructured the world’s mode of transport and transformed people’s use of the internet by its revolutionary innovation of on-demand ridesharing mode. It launched a third phase of internet history after Google and Facebook […]


Let’s use the Internet to hail a car together

Introduction   Uber is a global leader in the o2o application of ride-hailing and a representative company that is leading the global sharing economy. It provides passengers with diversified travel options and online car-hailing drivers […]


Uber: Can’t wait to get a ride? Try us !

In the context of the prevalence of the Internet, capitalists have begun to have a broader stage to change the world, thereby changing all aspects of people’s lives. Uber Technology, Inc is such a transformative […]

Assignment 3

The Collapse of Taxis and The Rise of Uber

What is Uber? Uber is a multinational ride-sharing platform which acts as a digital aggregator, connecting drivers with cars, to passengers who need a ride (Lahoti, 2019). Uber’s strong business model, partnered with its seamless […]

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Selling Simplicity: How Uber Works

The introduction of companies like Uber allow for a complete change of societal attitude towards their services, due to the simplicity and internet utilisation within the companies. I will be doing a critical analysis of […]

Assignment 3

The Evolution of Facebook

Who is Facebook? The first section of this essay will discuss Facebook’s evolution, by analysing its historical context, and innovative development processes. Following this, I will examine Facebook’s success and domination within the social media […]

assignment 3

Sharing your car and your life-Uber

Uber(Uber Technology Int)  as one of the typical and most popular sharing economy apps, owns 75 million riders and 3 million drivers, operates in 83 countries and over 853 cites worldwide in 2020.(Much Needed, 2020) […]