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Assignment 3

Critical internet analysis of Google Search

Introduction Among all internet services, platforms, companies, the search engine is the most common tool people use when they are surfing the net (Li, 2015). This essay will critically analyze the dominant search engine in […]

Google search engine
Assignment 3

How has Google successfully shaped our lives?

Introduction Google, as the most popular search engine worldwide, plays a leading role in the online search market (Halavais, 2013). Google is a very convenient tool for people to search, entertain, and learn new things. […]

Google Home
assignment 3

Google Assistant: The Voice of the Internet

In November 2016, tech monolith Google officially launched their smart speaker, the Google Home, powered by their artificial intelligence endeavour, the Google Virtual Assistant. Google Assistant invites a whole new level of interaction with websites […]

Assignment 3

Google: Friend or Foe?

Introduction This essay provides a critical analysis of Google and its transformative effect on society. Google has embedded itself into the lives of people around the world, to the extent that the word ‘Google’ has […]

Assignment 2

Social News Sharing- Who is the ultimate winner?

As human beings are social animals, friendship is an essential part of life. Communication and interacting with friends and family are inevitable to strengthen our relationships. As face-to-face communication are sometimes inconvenient and unreachable, ‘Social […]

Cartoon feature of Search
Assignment 2

Into Search Engines

With the change of times, Internet technology will only become more sophisticated and mature. With this comes richer methods of communication and an ever more bewildering amount of information. At this time, how to accurately […]