The commercialization of the internet has implications for social media users

What is commercialization?

In the current development of the Internet, the era now belongs to the digital age, the development of the Internet has begun to link with business, social media user experience and commercialisation are no longer opposites, the existence of the two has begun to social media software began to merge and influence each other, the intersection of the two has become more and more close.

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This will be followed by a discussion of whether or not the commercialisation of the internet will affect social media users because of its commercialisation.

How the internet became commercialised and the collection of internet data users, and the benefits that arise in the intersection

Users’ content will become more biased towards content of interest rather than simply using social media due to commercialisation

The gradual commercialisation of the internet has influenced the content created by social media users.

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Due to the characteristics of the internet, the transformation of data into equal interest value is achieved on top of the traditional media traffic owning interest value, commercialisation which is also known as digital platforms allows platform owners to offer a wide range of services, not only social media services, but also user-produced content, which is recombined with advertisements by the platform owner, with advertisers paying both the platform and the user-owner who produces the advertisements (Mansell & Steinmueller, 2020).

The process will begin to try and disguise the user’s acceptance of the number of adverts shown, if the intake of managed adverts is good then it brings benefits that can allow the social platforms to begin to increase in the number of users, therefore the digital platform’s can support a self-reinforcing feedback loop (Mansell & Steinmueller, 2020). Brands across all industries utilise social media to engage their audiences and expand their markets and drive sales.

According to data reported by 2023 Sprout Social Index (Cover, 2021) 68% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services, bloggers with traffic in social media are a good output direction for a brand that wants to be noticeable, bloggers with followers and traffic can be proactive in generating user interest and airplay, and social media software can help advertisers gain sales and exposure by offering a variety of different creative content and interesting videos to present a steady stream of advertising ideas.

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In tiktok when any blogger has a stable amount of followers and plays, their videos will include advertisers’ components, because traffic can be converted into plays, and plays can be turned into equivalent benefits which is sales, and the increase of sales is also means that the blogger’s influence is generated, so advertisers need to give the corresponding compensation, so now more and more So now more and more video content is no longer ordinary sharing life and beauty travel or more other content.

The growing commercialization of the Internet has influenced the behavior of social media users

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The advertising industry in today’s social media software has experienced rapid development. Major Internet giants have begun to launch their own advertisements. Social media can provide more customized choices and labels, and advertisements and articles brought by videos bring good recommendations. In my life, I will also be consumed by such videos and advertisements and articles and make shopping and choices. The result of this feedback loop is known as the network economy or network effect (Mansell & Steinmueller, 2020).
Like Sociallybuzz, an advertising agency for small and medium-sized businesses, social media agencies have successfully created targeted social media campaigns (Sociallybuzz, 2022), and their companies have used Facebook to drive more than 6 figure sales for B2B brands.Due to the network effect, the platform can achieve a certain degree of user participation, thereby consolidating its market position, and the platform can achieve a certain degree of user participation, further improving its data capabilities (Mansell & Steinmueller, 2020).

When the network effect is large, in the absence of scale and scope effect, as in the life of social platforms such as: China’s XiaoHongshu,


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In the process of my use of a large number of videos and articles with advertising and sales intent added to my social software, in the process of using the process of unconsciously watching the video and to learn about the products in the video, and these bloggers for the goods of the traffic to achieve the advertisers need to achieve the traffic and data, and the advertisers.

In terms of the people around me, I conducted interviews with my classmates and the first thing they do when they want to start buying an item is to start using social media to search for keywords for the item in question. As a result, users are now changing their attitudes towards advertisements because of the frequent social media posts and articles about products, and users are now searching for items and keywords they want to know about in social media, so there is now a shift in the attitudes of consumers and social media users, and this model of commercialisation has become a new way of doing things.

The need to socialize will not be diminished by commercialization.

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Although the development of commercialization will affect the behavior of many users and the creation of content, the most important reason for people to use social media is that they need to meet their own failure to meet the face to face social networking, while they can still carry out social activities on the Internet, keep in touch with friends and family, and share daily life and interesting things. These needs will not change due to commercialization.According to the data survey (Oberlo, 2023), the main reason for 48.6% of Internet users to use social media is to connect with family and friends.

Even though people are primarily using social media to socialize, AI is always present in the background of social media, they will still make suggestions in your search engine, process classification and identification, aggregate options to make decisions, and in some cases make these decisions autonomously (Cagle, 2019). Algorithms exist in their own knowledge bases, business intelligence systems, and expert systems (Cagle, 2019).

To some extent, they are human-curated, but some of these curations are increasingly turning to machine learning for classification, categorization, and abstraction (Cagle, 2019), a trend that will only continue and will not be easily changed, precisely because of commercialization. Platforms that need to improve their interests between themselves and advertisers will use the various channels of big data to make decisions between your social media, your social media is no longer your own, and you will be forced to receive some content.

In conclusion the commercialisation of the internet is something that affects the content created by social media users and the behaviour of users because of big data, which drives the probability that commercialisation will affect social media users more than those who are not affected.

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